Cloth everything?

I am a cloth diapering mama, I just LOVE it. I love the pocket diapers, I love pre folds with diaper covers, and I even get excited about folding flats in new ways. We use cloth wipes as well, two squares of flannel sewn together, easy peasy. Add water (I’ve really seen no need for a ‘cloth wipes’ solution), and you are good to go. The wipes are really travel friendly as well. I like to get them wet and place them in one of the thin Huggies travel containers. Special containers can be purchased just for wipes, but again I have not seen any need for those expensive products. I have been doing it this way since my baby was born four months ago, and now I’m considering going cloth for my whole family. I’ve been thinking about all of the ways I can cut down on my family’s costs and the garbage we are producing, I always feel excited when my family of five only has one garbage bag in the bin at the end of the week. I can replace paper towels with flour sack towels ( I also use these as diapers), they are very absorbent, and come clean very easily. These can be cut in half and hemmed to make two towels, and out of a five pack that will give me ten towels. To replace napkins I’ve been considering a few options: A) Damp wash cloths (having two five year olds), B) flour sack towels cut into fourths (white can be dyed to preferred colors), and C) Hitting the craft store and buying some pretty fabric and sew some myself (squares are about the extent of my sewing ability). I could see napkins being a fun project for my children and I to do together, dyeing flour sack towels and possibly getting a tie dye kit would be a blast. Getting rid of toilet paper would be another paper product down, but ‘family cloth’ is a daunting thought. I would do the same as my baby wipes, two pieces of flannel sewn together to make a double layer, I have heard of families using scraps of old t-shirts and other miscellaneous fabric no longer being used in their home. Even though the initial cost would be more I feel that the flannel would be more comfortable, and would likely last longer. With two young girls in my home who have no idea what an appropriate amount of toilet paper is, no matter how often my husband and I remind them ‘family cloth’ seems like a great solution. It’s the clean up that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around. I know I clean up baby poo several times a day but dealing with the poo of people who actually eat real food is a completely different thing. My household will be replacing napkins and paper towels, but shifting from toilet paper to cloth is something that will have to wait until this mama has a stronger stomach.